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Ringo Starr Becomes Second Beatles Member To Receive Knighthood

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When I was growing up, songs by The Beatles were an imperative part of every one of my playlists. From hits like "Hey Jude" to "Strawberry Fields Forever," the band was the epitome of rock star gods.

Despite The Beatle's inevitable breakup in 1970 (which is still rumored to be because of John Lennon's relationship with Yoko Ono), each group member was able to have a successful solo career.

While Lennon and Paul McCartney were arguably the two who received the most popularity, Ringo Starr always held a special place in my heart.

But, I'm not the only one who thinks Starr, 77, is a fantastic musician.

On March 20, Starr - whose real name is Richard Starkey - was knighted at Buckingham Palace by Prince William, temporarily taking the place of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

"It means a lot actually," the Liverpool-born artist told the BBC. "It means recognition for the things we've done. I was really pleased to accept this."

Knighted for his service in music, the honor comes 53 years after The Beatles were rewarded the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Even though some stars have turned down the prestigious award, Starr was quick to accept the honor, but did mention he felt nervous without his band mates by his side.

"I was a bit shaky today on my own," he said with his wife Barbara Bach by his side.

But, despite this momentous celebration, some Beatles fans are wondering why it took so long for Starr to achieve knighthood in comparison to former bandmate McCartney.

McCartney had been bestowed the honor in 2004, 14 years before any other Beatles member would receive that status, as George Harrison and Lennon passed away in 1980 and 2001 respectfully.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock writer Jeff Giles, Lennon and Harrison were more qualified for knighthood than the others, despite claims they felt honors from the monarchy were beneath them.  

However, in a 2011 interview with Absolute Radio, McCartney insisted Starr should receive the honor.

"Yeah, well, don’t look at me,” McCartney said when responding to a question on if he could ask the Queen himself on if Starr could receive the title. “The last time I went by she was out. Otherwise I would have popped in and said ‘Look, love, Sir Richard Starkey.‘ Because I do think it’s about time, but she probably was a bit busy with Sir Brucie (comedian Bruce Forsyth).”

Fast forward seven years to when it was revealed Starr would finally be knighted, the drummer said McCartney was happy to give him advice for the ceremony, which was to "keep smiling."

When asked if he wanted to be publicly known as "Sir Ringo," he said he has yet to come to a decision.

"I don't know yet. It's new and I don't know how you use it properly," he said before jokingly telling the reporter: "But I expect you to use it."

Do you think Starr deserves to be knighted?


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