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Rookie Cop Saves A Life After Hearing Two Words He Knew Meant Trouble

New Jersey 101.5

When cops end up in the news these days, it is often over circumstances of a few bad apples, or situations of tragedy. In this situation a cop is being praised for his heroic efforts that saved the life of one New Jersey man.

New Jersey 101.5

The man in question had just lost his wife to natural causes, and as most husbands would be at a time like that, he was emotionally distraught. The man had climbed out an eighth story window, and his apartment did not have a balcony. He was hanging there, grasping the ledge of the window with his fingertips.

Daily Mail

When rookie officer Freddy Jimenez entered the apartment, he could hear the man speaking to himself, "do it, do it, do it, do it." Clearly this was a man in such terrible emotional anguish that he was contemplating how he could even go another moment without his beloved wife.

Officer Jimenez immediately jumped and reached for the man. He also called for backup because he was the only cop in the apartment. He also started talking to the man.  "Sir, please don't! Sir hang on!' Jimenez said. "I am here to help you - please!"


Jimenez ended up getting through to the man who asked him for help because he really didn't want to die.

Officer Jimenez managed to haul the man back through the window and they collapsed together on the floor. The entire episode was captured on the officer's body-cam.