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Every Flower Has A Secret Meaning - And Some Are Very Naughty

During the Victorian era, long before we turned to text messages, emails, and phone calls to communicate, floriography, otherwise known as the language of flowers, played a major role in how people expressed their feelings.

Feri Tradition

Today, we continue the tradition of sending flowers, but many of us no longer know the significance behind the blooms. Every flower has a special meaning to convey exactly how one feels towards the specific receiver or occasion. To make matters even more complex, the color of the flower also affects its meaning.

Since roses are one of the world's most popular type of flower, let's figure out what the different colors signify:

1. Red

As you probably already know, the coveted red rose signifies love, making it the number choice to send to a lover.

2. Light Pink

The light pink-hued rose is a symbol for "grace," which makes it perfect to gift to a close friend.

3. Dark Pink

If you want to express gratitude or show appreciation, dark pink blooms are the perfect choice.

4. Peach

The soft, pale peach rose stands for modesty.

5. Orange

The vibrant orange bloom represents fascination.

Haven't seen your favorite color yet? Don't worry, there are more!

6. Burgundy


The deep reddish-brown shade represents "unconscious beauty."

7. Yellow

You might want to think twice before sending yellow roses because they imply infidelity.

8. Green


The vibrant green-colored bloom stands for fertility, as well as, growth, and constant rejuvenation of the spirit.

9. White

White roses are generally associated with innocence, new beginnings and weddings, however, they can also be given as a gesture of remembrance.

10. Purple

Roses of the purple family, including violet and lilac, stand for enchantment.

11. Blue


Blue roses aren't as common as some of the other colors on this list, but they signify something extremely sweet: love at first sight. In some literary work, they also symbolize prosperity and immortality.

12. Black


Black roses don't occur naturally, but florists do create the shade by dying a light-colored rose. They symbolize farewell, death, and rebirth.

What's your favorite rose color?

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