12 Vintage Photos Of The Royal Family Celebrating Christmas At Sandringham

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Ever since Queen Elizabeth II was born, she spent every Christmas at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England. The Queen usually takes the train from King's Cross station in London, and is later joined by her closest family members for a week of festivities.

The family has a number of new and old traditions they incorporate into their celebration, including an afternoon tea, a charity soccer match, a gag gift exchange, church services, and an evening of games, including charades.

So how much has the festivities changed over the years? Let's take a look back at some vintage photographs of the royal family celebrating at Sandringham House.

Queen Elizabeth II in 1929 waiting to board the train at King's Cross station.

Elizabeth is pictured with her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne in her last Christmas before becoming Queen.

At age 26, the Queen delivered her first Christmas speech over the radio at Sandringham.

Prince Charles and his grandmother, the Queen Mother, walk arm-in-arm to church in this 1969 photograph.

Even today, the family attend two services on Christmas Day at the church of St. Mary Magdelene, a private one at 9 a.m, during which the Queen takes communion, and an 11 a.m public worship.

In 1981, after her highly publicized wedding to Prince Charles, Princess Diana joined the royal made the trip to Sandrigham for her first Christmas as a member of the royal family...

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