He Takes A Rubik's Cube And Some Marshmallows and Instantly Makes A Room Better

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Facebook: Courtesy of Artist

Have you ever wanted to have your portrait painted? How about having your portrait done in individually solved Rubik's cubes, or marshmallows? Well if you wanted to go the route alternate to actual paint you can have your one-of-a-kind portrait courtesy of Ryan Alexander Emond of Sidesix Studio, in Toronto, Canada.

Facebook: Courtesy of Artist

It's all about the pixel art, using individual pieces of color to create a larger picture, that frankly, is simply stunning. I remember trying to solve a Rubik's cube as a kid, the best I managed to do was to get two sides done in their respective colors. I couldn't begin to fathom how hard it must be to solve dozens and dozens of cubes, not just so that sides are complete, but so that individual squares work with each other to finish the pattern.


Pixel art, specifically using Rubik's cubes, has been around for a few decades so this isn't a new concept, but Ryan is definitely staking his claim as one of the best to ever do it. Check out this video of his putting together a smaller piece over the course of six hours.

Think this is amazing? Wait until you see what he does with marshmallows.

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