10 Things That Used To Be Basic Manners That Kids Today Have Never Learned

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Politeness seems to have been a fad.

Technology has played a big role in reshaping the rules of etiquette we once followed religiously. It's not that I despise the internet, I just don't appreciate how it's affected common courtesy.

Here are 10 rules of etiquette we all followed growing up, but just don't exist today. Let's use technology to our advantage to spread this article so that we can bring these back!

1. Basic courteous words

All I ask of kids these days is just basic courteous words or phrases. My family would always greet each other in the morning with a friendly "good morning" or "hello." When we left the house, we would at least say goodbye if we didn't wish them to have a good day.

Another thing that was important in my household was saying "please" and "thank you." There's nothing that aggravated my father more than being impolite when someone does something for you.

2. Taking care of your appearance

In a private area, you would apply your makeup and do anything that needs to be done so that you would look presentable in public. Nowadays I see people leaving the house with their gardening clothes on. I miss walking around and seeing beautiful dresses, high heels, pantyhose, and stylish hats.

3. Proper posture

My mother would always caress her hand across my shoulders to remind me to sit up straight. Having proper posture was a sign of respect to yourself, and that you enjoy the company of those around you. Slouching was a sign of boredom or laziness.

4. Writing handwritten thank you notes

Nothing says "I appreciate you," more than a well-thought out, handwritten note. No one bothers to do this anymore now that it's easy to send a quick message via text or email.

5. Table manners

You won't be able to go to a restaurant today without seeing someone with their elbows on the table. That was a big no-no in my house, along with not slurping liquid food or drinks, and reaching over someone to grab food.

I dearly miss these next five rules of etiquette!

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