Parents Slam Russell Brand For Admitting He's Never Spent 24 Hours Looking After His Kids

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Russell Brand's style of off-the-wall comedy has won him fans around the world, especially after appearing in popular movies like Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

But the eccentric British comic lost a few fans this week, after opening up about his unusual parenting style in an interview with Sunday Times Magazine.

Brand, who has two daughters under the age of six with his wife, lifestyle blogger Laura Gallacher, says he was never spent a full 24 hours caring for his kids by himself.

Russell Brand
Brand says his wife handles the "managerial" side of parenting.Russell Brand - Instagram

"No," Brand told the magazine. "She wouldn't go away for 24 hours, Laura. She respects and cares for their safety too much."

"I've done like, a night," he added. "But they're asleep then."

Fans are now questioning how much Brand, 43, really "respects and cares" for his daughters, as he admitted that he leaves the tougher parenting jobs to his wife.

"Yes, I'm very, very focused on the mystical connotations of [my daughter] Mabel's beauty and grace," he said. "Not so good on the nappies and making sure that they eat food."

When asked why he doesn't get more involved in parenting his two kids, Brand offered another confusing answer:

"I'm still of a romantic and reflective and, possibly, to give it it's proper name, a religious disposition. That's my worldview. That's not necessarily what you want organizing pragmatic, bureaucratic, managerial stuff."

Russell Brand
Brand says his spiritual personality gets in the way of parenting.Russell Brand - Instagram

"Laura does it all," he said. "Me, I am dedicated to it, devoted to it, but I am still surprised when it's like, 'Oh my God, this is f--- really hard and it's so exhausting.' The younger one, I just feel inept so quickly, like with the crying."

Sensing that he was coming off in a bad light, Brand did explain that he handles some parenting jobs.

"Yesterday, I drove Mabel to the playschool and I drop her at the playschool," he explained. "But I'm sensitive and awake and aware, so I have to dial a lot of s"” down to go through normal life."

Parents were quick to criticize the actor, and insisted that his wife Laura actually has "three children."

"Russell Brand pitching himself as some New Age, all new, mature and sensitive dad - and then saying he's too sensitive to do any actual parenting is the most Russell Brand thing I've ever read in my life," writer Hadley Freeman commented on his interview.

While some dads may relate to what Brand describes, most parents seem to agree that leaving all of the chores and child-rearing for your wife is a very backwards take on parenting.

But some readers suggested Brand was only joking, or making light of his bad parenting skills in an innocent way.

"I know plenty of dads like him," one wrote, "and far worse, but no one interviews them."

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What do you make of Brand's comments? Is he a bad dad, or just misunderstood?

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