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Russians Are Building "Pleistocene Park," Where They Plan To Let Woolly Mammoths Roam Free

It sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but Nikita Zimonv and his son Sergey really plan to let wild woolly mammoths roam around the huge eco-theme park they're building.

On the icy northern tip of Siberia, the two men have cleared 7 square miles of tundra and filled it with huge grass-eating animals like bison, moose and horses.

They hope that re-introducing these mammals to Siberia will help fight climate change, and their ultimate goal is to bring cloned woolly mammoths back to their old stomping grounds.

An artist's conception of the mammoth steppe.National Geographic

The last woolly mammoths died out just under 4,000 years ago, but scientists think it's only a matter of years before this extinct species is brought back to life.

American scientists are already merging woolly mammoth DNA with modern elephants, with the hopes of growing new mammoths in a lab.

If they do, Zimonv says his park would be the perfect habitat to raise these massive creatures.

“By the time mammoths will be cloned, if they’re cloned and brought to the park, we will have a system,” he told the Sun.

Nikita and his son building their parkNikita Zimonv

While providing a home for extinct animals is on their to-do list, the Zimonv family is really trying to fight climate change.

They say that by bringing large herbivores like mammoths or oxen back to Siberia, they'll help change the environment into a healthy grassland, which adds less carbon into the atmosphere.

If you want to help them accomplish this mammoth-sized job, check out their KickStarter and support them if you can.

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