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The World Mourns Wally, The Instagram Star Rabbit Who Stole Our Hearts

Instagram is where we go to find polished photos of our favorite foods, makeup looks, travel destinations, and adorable pets. This was good news for an English Angora rabbit named Wally, who became internet-famous for having big, fluffy ears and a poodle-like haircut.

Wally lived with his owner Molly Prottas in Massachusetts, where Molly took adorable photos of her little bunny and posted them on Instagram regularly. The account has amassed over 330,000 followers over the years, as many have fallen in love with pictures of Wally munching on veggies, enjoying a hop in the garden, or wearing a handmade costume.

On March 8, 2017, Wally passed away suddenly and Molly posted a final tribute on Instagram: "Wally was such a special bunny rabbit with a truly magical spirit. I love him so much and miss him with all my heart."

It's sad news, but we can remember Wally as the little guy who brought joy to so many. Wasn't he the cutest rabbit-poodle you ever saw?

What about Wally's unique haircut? Angora rabbits require a lot of brushing, and after Wally showed discomfort with regular grooming, his owner decided to give him a haircut to prevent his fur from becoming matted.

Wally knew he wasn't supposed to eat the tulips, so he just very intensely smelled them. ☺️

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You never know when a bunny might pop out of your wheelbarrow.

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On July 2016, Molly decided to get a girlfriend for Wally, so she brought Suki home. Suki is also an Angora and after some territory disputes, they became inseparable.

A Wally Story Part 8: “We have, however, been able to fulfill Wish #2: ‘Gray Bunny Princess.’” Wally gasps. He dashes to the porch, still in his fish costume. And there on the steps, sprouting up from pink bubble wrap, emerges a gray bunny in a tiara. “Hi! It’s ME, Suki!” She looks surprised. “You’re a FISH?” she asks. “No! I’m a BUNNY!” exclaims Wally. “I’m a bunny, TOO!” says Suki. Together, they frolic into the yard holding paws and giggling. And so begins a wonderful friendship. … The end. • SURPRISE! Wally has a new friend, Suki! They are bonded and I can't wait to post more photos and videos! To read more about Suki, visit the link in our profile. Wally also begged me to start a Snapchat account for him because he said he wasn’t “cool” without one. Our handle is wallythebunny. Join us for some great photos and videos of Wally and Suki throughout the day! (Please bear with me - I’m a brand new Snapper.)

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Will Suki follow Wally's footsteps and become the new star? Stay tuned!

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