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A Postal Glitch Sends Thousands Of Letters To Santa To GE's Headquarters Each Year

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Daily Gazette

Darlene Muscanell is an administrative assistant for General Electric, and about 20 years ago she noticed the flood of Christmas letters.

Santa's Workshop fill out letters to children from around the world.Daily Gazette

She organized a group of volunteers named "Santa's Workshop." On their lunch breaks, these "elves" write back to the letters children send in, mailing more than 1,400 replies each year.

Muscanell says Santa's helpers at GE put in as much effort as possible because "these kids are innocent. They’re just so innocent in what they’re asking for.” That includes requests for Legos, Star Wars action figures, and even a Chromebook laptop.

Some of the thousands of letters General Electric's workers receive each year.Daily Gazette

But many letters, which come from as far away as China, are much sweeter. “Believe it or not, a lot of the young children will ask for peace, or they’ll say they want their family to be happy,” Muscanell told the Daily Gazette.

While the employees use form letters to reach as many children as possible, they add personal touches to every message, and even write in foreign languages to kids from around the world.

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[H/T: Daily Gazette]

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