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Check out This Diaper Box Hack!

You won't believe this genius little diaper box hack I came across!

It's a great space saver, perfect for on the go, and a wonderful way to recycle and re-use those empty baby wipe boxes.  Take a look for yourself, and I bet you'll be putting one together in no time!


  • empty baby wipe box
  • 5 diapers
  • baby onesie
  • elastic hair band
  • baby wipes


1. Begin by rinseing out and drying your empty baby wipe box.

2. Place 5 diapers at the bottom.

3. Place 1 or 2 onesies on top of the diapers.

4. Take your wipe package and place it upside down on the lid so that the wipes are able to be pulled through the top of the lid, then secure with your headband.

5. Perfect for on the go!