"Scandal" Actor Reveals How They Know If They're Getting Killed Off

When you really start to get invested in a TV show, your biggest fear is that your favorite character will get killed off. Any fan of Grey's Anatomy will understand that getting attached to someone is just not a great idea.


The same goes for characters on Scandal. Shonda Rhimes, who created both shows along with How To Get Away With Murder, seems to know who we love the most at certain times and then find ways to write them off the show.

Scandal is currently on its last legs, with the final 10 episodes airing this year. Fans are worried that a main character is going to die off, especially with the way Quinn Perkins was left at the mid-season finale.


But Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, says not even the cast members know who's dying off, so don't expect any hints from them!

Goldwyn appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the end of the series, and he revealed there are still six episodes left to film. According to him, though, actors don't find out if their character is dying off until right before the table read.

"Scandal table reads are famous, because it's like a huge party and we're all surprised just like the audience," he said.


If you are going to die off, Rhimes pulls you aside privately to give you a heads up.

"Shonda's a great boss, so if you're going to die, you have a private meeting with Shonda before," Goldwyn said.

He also revealed that one of the co-stars of Scandal, Joshua Malina, is notorious for jumping to the last page of the script to see how it ends before the table read even starts. As a prank on Malina, the writers wrote a fake page for the back of his script that said his character died off.


It's got to be tough to be on a show that's coming to an end, but at least the actors can leave knowing they're loved by fans!

Will you be sad to see "Scandal" go?

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