Parents Can't Stop Laughing At Boy's Haunted House Freakout [Video]

Shay Hester - Facebook

Halloween is one of the holidays children love the most, because they get to dress up in costumes and eat a lot of candy.

But spooky movies, haunted houses, and frightening decorations are also Halloween staples.

All those creepy things can be too much for some children, and this video captures one kid who hit his Halloween limit for a lifetime.

"I want to go home!"

Shay Hester from Texas shared this hilarious video of a young boy who was definitely not feeling the Halloween spirit.

Haunted House Funny
One boy looked terrified, while another didn't seem to care.Shay Hester - Facebook

It begins at a "haunted car wash" event, where actors in costumes are walking up and down the lineup scaring children.

One is dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween, while another was in costume as Pennywise, the evil clown from It.

Michael Myers Pennywise
Actors were on hand dressed as characters from horror movies.Shay Hester - Facebook

While older passengers are laughing, and some kids look downright bored, one little boy was obviously spooked.

"I want to go home!" he can be heard shouting long before the creepy characters approach the car.

While the boy seems to be in tears, more than 9 million people have watched the video, and most agree that this was just innocent fun.

Warning: there's some strong language in this video.

#HauntedCarWash 20615 Kuykendahl Road Spring, Texas

Posted by Shay Hester on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"Funniest part is the kid under the passenger seat," one viewer wrote, pointing out a boy who's either hiding or totally bored on the floor of the car.

While others chastised the boy's parents for taking him to such a scary event, I think we can all agree that one big scare won't do any harm - plus it's just too funny!

"We're gonna leave now, thank you."

While she has a reputation for being one of the nicest people on TV, there's also no denying that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres gets a kick out of scaring people.

While making her celebrity guests freak out is one thing, DeGeneres also terrifies her producer Andy Lassner with an annual trip to a haunted house.

Last year, they both braved an It-inspired home on the Warner Brothers lot, and DeGeneres did not make things easy on the poor guy.

Her squeaky toy probably scared Lassner more than the actors in clown costumes, but DeGeneres was all smiles the entire way through the house.

I guess after hosting one of the most-watched shows on TV, actors in makeup and silly wigs just aren't scary anymore!

Do you like being scared at Halloween? Or would you be hiding like that other little boy?

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