Scary Video Shows What Happens To A Cruise Ship During A Storm

Is the daily grind wearing you down? This shocking video of a cruise ship during high seas might have you longing for the safety of your desk.

The Pacific Sun cruise ship was off the coast of Aucklund, New Zealand when it got caught in a giant storm. It tried to steer into the storm but was battered on the side by waves as high as 30-feet.

A CCTV caught just how tumultuous it was inside the giant ship, sending people and furniture to and fro with impunity. By the time the storm was over 42 people were hurt, with injuries ranging from broken ribs, legs and even a pelvis.

Pacific Sun

One woman sent an email just before the storm started to get bad:

"Please give (my daughter) an extra big hug and kiss from me. Make sure her life is fun. I am so scared."

One witness said the waves got as high as the fifth deck. Considering how tightly people are holding on to anything sturdy I would say that's believable.

P&O, the company who runs the cruise ship, offered passengers 25% off any future cruise they took.

I don't think there'll be many takers.

Watch the footage for yourself:

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