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Pick A Candle Scent and We'll Tell You All About Yourself

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What scented candle makes you close your eyes, inhale deeply, and smile?

You've probably bought a handful of scented candles, but there's one in particular that you can never get enough of.

The scent that you tend to gravitate towards says a lot about your personality.


You're someone who likes to spice things up. Life's too short to not enjoy everything, so that's what you plan to do! If pumpkin is your current favorite scented candle, it probably won't be next season, it'll be something like gingerbread, peppermint, or cinnamon.


Cleanliness is very important to you. You tend to be the first one to plug your nose when you smell something bad. You're also one who loves to try out natural remedies to clean your home.


This smell tends to make you think of good memories. If you love the lingering aroma of fresh-cut roses in your home, you're most likely a hopeless romantic.


When people meet you, they get the sense that you're a traditional person. People also find that you're easy to be friends with. You're a good listener and like to make people feel comfortable in your presence.


Chances are you're an emotional person, even if you don't like to admit it. The smell of apples triggers a lot of positive emotions in you and you love to bathe your home with this aroma. People also describe you as fun and outgoing.

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