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The Eraser Challenge: Schools Are Warning About The Dangerous "Game" Children Are Playing

It's called the "eraser challenge," or sometimes the "ABC game," but whatever name your children know it by this popular trend is nothing but trouble.

A series of news reports from across America, along with warnings from some schools are raising awareness about this "game" that leads children to rub erasers against their skin.

The warnings say that students are rubbing the erasers on their arms while reciting the alphabet, and some are even showing off their injuries on social media to compare with their friends.

Warning, some of the images in this post may be disturbing to parents.

Parents! Do your children have any burn marks? The latest internet challenge is the "Eraser Challenge." Kids are rubbing...

Posted by East Iredell Middle School on Friday, March 3, 2017

At Bethel Middle School in Conneticut, one of the many schools that has sent out a warning to parents, principal Derek Muraham says he's caught at least a dozen kids doing the challenge.

While sharing the photos of their scars on social media is a new twist on this dangerous game, some parents say they remember playing the same one when they were in school.

In fact, this local news report from 2014 discusses the same game.

Not only are children hurting themselves by scraping off the skin on their arms, doctors also warn they could be putting themselves at risk of nasty skin infections.

Doctors and teachers are asking parents to warn children about the dangers of this game, and urging them to say something if they see other children playing it.

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