Have Schools Officially Overstepped Their Boundaries When It Comes To Parenting?


Now that two of my daughters are currently in school, the number of letters that come home from their school has doubled. Most of the time these letters deal with routine school news and activities, but once in a while we get something that just makes us angry, like telling us what our children should be eating.

I do subscribe to the view that it takes a village to raise a child, but there comes a point where the rest of the village just needs to back off and let us as parents, parent in our own ways. The question is, "where do we draw the line?"

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It isn't a hard concept: teachers are there to teach, and parents are there to parent. Sure there is crossover into both aspects, but both parties need to know when to butt out. A school is Portugal took it several steps too far when it posted a sheet all around their campus outlining the "responsibilities of a parent in raising well behaved children."  


While their intentions may have been well meaning, the school overstepped its authority as educators, and parents were justifiably pissed off.

We have all seen the stories of schools stepping well over conventional lines, including this situation at Great Yarmouth Charter School in Great Britain. One parent took to social media to condemn the "draconian" style rules that had been implemented at his child's school, including setting the bed times and wake up times for its students.

The parent, Kelvin Seal, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the issue. While he did agree with some of the rules, and that kids do need more discipline, he thinks that some of rules are just ridiculous. "It's some of it that we feel is over the top, if like you drop a pen on the floor you must not bend down and pick it up, that's already led to detentions," said Seal.

The reason they have instituted these new rules is because the school has the worst test performance in England. It makes you wonder if it has anything to do with the teachers as opposed to the student's discipline?

Watch the interview here.

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