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No One RSPV'd To An Autistic Boy's Birthday Party Invites, But His Town Stepped Up In A Major Way

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Lisa Schramel was trying to plan a birthday party for her son Mathias, but it quickly turned into a heartbreaking event. Even though she was excited to celebrate his sixth birthday, none of the kids that were invited RSPV'd.

Schramel explained that “Back in the beginning of October I sent out invitations to his class. I gave the parents a couple months’ notice, it was an RSVP. It was going to be at the movie theater the day after Thor opened. Mathias was really looking forward to it. The goal was to get enough kids, it was a minimum of 10, and we were willing to pay for that, it was no big deal."

Jacqueline Devine/Daily News

But after several days the still hadn't heard back. “We waited to hear from people and weren’t hearing anything. We started looking at other options like a home party and I went on Facebook to vent a little. That’s all I wanted to do, but it went from venting to all these people wanting to make his big day special.”

She shared her frustration with her friends, trying to vent out her anger before breaking the news to her son.

Lisa Schramel / Facebook

But her post started to gain traction, and her community came together in a big way to make sure that Mathias wasn't spending his birthday alone...

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