Scientists Determine This Underwater Creature Was The First Ever To Exist

It's been millions of years since the Earth came to be, but what was the first creature to ever grace the planet?

According to a new study, jellyfish were the first organisms are at the top of the family tree. The study completed a detailed genetic analysis shows that the comb jelly (a ctenophore) was the first predator to evolve.

"In these analyses, we only use genes that are shared across all organisms," Rokas said. "The trick is to examine the gene sequences from different organisms to figure out who they [the sequences] identify as their closest relatives. When you look at a particular gene in an organism — let's call it A — we ask if it is most closely related to its counterpart in organism B, or to its counterpart in organism C, and by how much."

The Earth Story

Previously, the belief was that sea sponge was the oldest known organism, due mainly to its simplistic structure and genetic makeup.

Science Recorder

But with the new research, scientists are hopeful they can use the information to resolve more long-standing controversies regarding the world and how it was formed.

Can you believe our world started with jellyfish??