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Scientists have discovered something unusual about fish - listen up

When you think of musical animals you probably think of birds, you might even argue that crickets can be musical. Almost no one would say fish - except  for these Australian researchers.

A group of scientists studying animal sounds off the coast of Australia made some interesting discoveries. Mainly that schools of fish actually "sing" in chorus at dawn and dusk. Almost like the seven dwarves.

It's not unusual for fish or marine mammals to "sing" as sonar is a very effective way to hunt or see while underwater. Who can forget Dory speaking whale in order to help trackdown Nemo?

The researches say that the recorded sounds, which had been recorded on over 80 different days, fall within sunrise and sunset too often to be coincidence.

The recording devices were places 21.5 KM apart and recorded 7 different schools of fish singing in chorus over an 18 month period of time. Most of the concerts happened in the late spring and early autumn.

So far there hasn't been much speculation on why fish would bother singing with the sun, but next time you're on a beach you should keep your ears open!

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