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How Long Would You Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse? Science Can Tell You


It's the question that everyone is dying to know the answer to; how long would the human race survive if there was in fact a real zombie apocalypse? Well, according to scientists the news isn't great.


We're not exactly sure what criteria was used in determining the results of this study, but by all accounts it appears that the human race would die-out completely within a year of a viral zombie outbreak. Just 100 days after the start of the outbreak there would only be roughly 273 humans left alive on the face of the entire planet.

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Zombies would end up outnumbering humans by roughly 1 million to 1, not great odds for the propagation of humankind. Because we have condensed mass numbers of our population into a number of small city centers, the virus would spread like an uncontrolled wildfire, consuming the population far too quickly for us to medically defend against it.

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Not to worry though, not all hope is lost...

The scientists involved with the original study have admitted that they did not take into account a human's ability to adapt to situations on the fly. If humans were to adapt to the situation at hand and sharpen our previously lost basic survival skills we would have a chance to survive. Especially if we were to take shelter in mountainous regions, away from previously heavily populated areas.  

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If we were to do that, scientists estimate that we would have a chance to take back the planet, having wiped out virtually the entire zombie populace, in around 1000 days, or a little over 2.5 years.


What would be in your essential zombie apocalypse survival kit? Where would you go? Would you stay and fight or would you run for the hills trying to save your own life?

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