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10 Secret Santa Gifts That Won't Make Your Co-Workers Say "Bah Humbug"

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6. That coffee mug that no one will be able to mistake for anyone's but the owner.

If your office is anything like mine, everyone starts to drown themselves in coffee the minute they walk in the door. Why not help them out with their own personal coffee mug? Maybe take it Harry Potter style? Order it here.

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7. Work should be fun too, right?

Here is the perfect gift for that person in your office with too much time on their hands. An electric paper airplane. Make sure to include safety goggles LOL. Order one here.

Spencer Aircraft

8. Something that makes absolutely no sense LOL.

The times sure have changed. Remember when you would just eat a banana by peeling it? Not anymore, now that your coworker has this handy banana slicer... Order one here and watch them shake their heads hahaha.

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9. Where has this been my whole life?

This universal TV remote hangs off of your key chain, and it works on every television. Apart from being handy when you cant find a remote, it will let your gift recipient play a few practical jokes on their friends. You can get one here.


10. Everybody is working for the weekend.

When coffee just won't cut it, time to get out the monster sized wine glass for a little evening or weekend relaxation. Order it here and save someone's sanity.

Share with your coworkers if you are running out of good gift ideas.

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