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The Secrets To A Successful Marriage From "Married At First Sight" Power Couples

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Recanto Adormecido

Love at first sight is a common movie trope that happens when two people are bound to be together forever, but would you honestly be ready to make a lifetime commitment right on the spot?

That's what Married at First Sight wanted to find out, and most people were surprised at the results!

In the first season, six people were introduced and put into an unlikely, intimate position. They were matched based on relationship experts and agreed to get married as soon as they met their new partners.

They got to have a honeymoon, and then spent two months living together as a married couple, the real test of any marriage.

At the end of the two months, they had to decide if they would continue to remain married, or to file for divorce. Here are the couples who took a chance on each other, explaining how they made it work!

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