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Self-Serve Beer Taps Are Here and We Couldn't Be More Excited!

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Have you ever wanted to try just a few ounces of a new brew before committing (and paying for) a 20 ounce glass?

I can think of multiple occasions when I didn't want to hear the beer specials or ask the waitress to describe the taste of their newest ale, so I just defaulted to one I knew well, instead of trying something new.

This bar has the right idea when it comes to giving people the freedom to choose their beer.

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Randolph Bar in Brooklyn has now introduced a Beer ATM which will allow you to pour yourself a pint of your choosing. By handing over your credit card at the bar, you get an ATM card that activates the 24 self-service taps where you can pour yourself anywhere between 1 oz samples and a 12 ounce pint.

To help guide your selection, each tap screen displays information about the name, brewer, country of origin and tasting notes.

No more, guessing which beer you will like best, thanks to this self-service option.

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The establishment tries to keep the local feeling with over half the beers on the wall featuring craft brews from around the New York City area.

"You get to pour yourself, experience, try different beers out, try stuff you’ve never had before,” says Kyle Kensrue, a partner at Randolph Beer.

Randolph Beer still has a bar and regular bartender, so if you aren't confident in your beer pouring abilities, you can always leave it to the professionals.

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Did you know you can get more than money from an ATM? Beer is not the first. Find out on the next page how you can get pizza from an ATM.

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