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Hero Pastor Saves Couple's Washed-Out Wedding

Shelley Holland

As the floodwaters receded, Shelley Holland and her fiance found themselves forced to pick up the pieces of their lives and their wedding plans.

Like thousands of other Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey, they would be forced to improvise and rely upon the kindness of strangers.

Six months of planning the wedding of their dreams had ultimately been washed away.

It was beginning to look like their wedding plans would have to be put on hold.

The couple had originally planned for September 2, 2017 to be the special day. But, just before the big event, pastor Jorge Cardenas opened the church doors to find a heartbreaking sight...

The couple had planned to be married at Church on the Rock Katy, but when the pastor checked on the church before their wedding day, he found it had been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey

Not only was the venue a disaster, they had lost pretty much everything (including) "our wedding cake, the venue, the chapel the catering and so many other small details," Shelley wrote on Facebook.

"This was such a heartbreak not only for me as a bride, but more importantly for the devastation it left on the pastor of the church we chose to have our wedding at."

Pastor Jorge Cardenas with his wife.Inspiremore / Facebook

Not only did pastor Jorge lose his church, but he and his wife lost their home too. But this selfless man refused to let his personal situation bring down Shelly's special day.

Along with their wedding coordinator, Evelin at Church on the Rock Katy Texas, he found a new church for the couple.

To be sure that everything ran smoothly, he even checked on them during their wedding day!

"They were a tremendous blessing and even came to check on us on the day of the wedding. WOW! We are so grateful to these sweet people," wrote Shelley.

"I also want to thank our photographer Jim Davis and Andi Davis for this AMAZING photo that was captured. Such a testimony of God’s faithfulness! Harvey we WON!"

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