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This Unlikely Friendship Is Saving Many Innocent Lives

Holly Walthers founded Leo Puppy Mill Survivor and devoted her life to rescuing foster pups in dire need of love and affection.  She was inspired by her own rescue dog, a Boxer named Leo who died of complications from cancer in 2014.

Rex, the 'handi-capable' Boxer, joined her merry band of misfits in 2015 when she rescued him from a kill shelter in California. This sweet, senior dog suffers from degenerative myelopathy  - a disease that causes the progressive breakdown of the spinal cord.

His dependence on a wheelchair meant that Rex's chances of getting out of the shelter alive were almost none.

Thankfully he was scooped up by Walthers and brought to his new life in Vail, Colorado.  Some time after Rex's adoption, little Smores the guinea pig joined the family.

Rex and Smores bonded quickly with one another and now they're inseparable!

The daring duo are adventure buddies and advocates for the animal rescue foundation. Together, with Smores in her sweet little sidecar, they go everywhere!

They also bring awareness to the very important issues of puppy mills, high-kill shelters and the needs of handi-capable animals.

Rockin Rex and Sidekick Smores here: What a beautiful day. My bestie and I got out for a quick roll today and of course cookies and greens were provided for our enjoyment! Great news-we have a plan in place for Guapo to get pulled from death row and join Team Leo. We are still working on logistics, but with a lot of help from many dog lovers -we got this. Details coming soon. As for Boxer Bob he spends his last night with his temporary Foster Dad Robin. He will be heading to Vegas tomorrow to meet Auntie Janet for his trip to his forever home with Team Leo. We are very excited. We love our Cali and Vegas Team! Thank you Robin and family! Thank you Auntie Janet! We are Blessed! We get asked thoughout the year if people can donate to Team Leo. We generally have a few times when you can send in donations. We have set up a link to help with our new guy Boxer Bob and all of Team Leo. https://www.youcaring.com/bob-the-boxer-569193 If you would like to send a payment directly to our vet that would be awesome too. Checks can be made payable to Alpine Meadows Animal Clinic. The address for Team Leo is PO Box 399 Vail, CO 81658. As always we appreciate all of your support.

Posted by Leo Puppy Mill Survivor on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life sure is good when you've got your best friend by your side!

To learn more about Rockin Rex and Sidekick Smores, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!

[Source: BarkPost]

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