Elderly Couple Gets Hammered, Goes On Naked Hotel Rampage

We all joke that when we get older we will be able to get away with just about anything by putting it off as a "senior moment". But apparently, there are ways to cross even that line.

Macdonald Loch Rannoch Hotel,

For decades, hotels have been the scene for untold shenanigans; drug trafficking, prostitution, wild-parties, murder, you name it, it's happened. But something no one could have expected happened at the MacDonald Loch Rannoch Hotel, in Perthshire, Scotland; a drunk 72-year-old man streaking through the hotel, holding a pair of scissors, threatening to "slit" and "cut" other guests. Robert Fergus learned that there is such a thing as too much booze.  

Robert FergusThe Scottish Sun

This wasn't the end to that evenings events, Robert's wife, Ruth, 69, followed in her husband's wake wearing only her nighty. She also had far too much to drink, as she started threatening a staff member that she was going to "get a gun and shoot." Hotel guests and staff members were forced to flee the elderly rampage.

The Fergus'

After terrorizing the hotel, the couple jumped in their BMV and proceeded to drive away. On top of the charges Mr. Fergus was facing because of his actions at the hotel, he also added drunk driving to his resume. For a man with no previous criminal record he sure decided to start his resume off with a bang.

In the end, the couple were fined $5300, and also had to pay the hotel over $1000 in compensation. Mr. Fergus has also been banned from driving for one year.