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Photo Of Senior Couple Goes Viral After They Prove What True Love Really Means

A senior couple has managed to melt the heart of everyone on the internet after their adorable photo went viral. Jean and Brian had their picture taken while they were out shopping recently, but it's what they were doing that caught everyone's attention.

Scott Summers shared a photo on Twitter about two loyal customers who have been coming in for many weeks now, for one very special reason.

The post says, "Why I love my job so much! Meet Jean and Brian, two of our very loyal customers. Brian was in for another make up lesson today as he does his wife's make up every day as she is going blind, such a wonderful couple who live their life to the full [sic]!"

Thousands of people have been sharing their reactions to the image and it's almost as good as the image...

Brian's sweet gesture to his wife has managed to inspire a lot of people on the internet. People started wondering if their partners would do the same if they were in that situation.

One person said "If I go blind u [sic] better study up, watch some YouTube tutorials, make sure I glow still."

Another couldn't help but get emotional over the sweet gesture, saying "I'm not crying, there's just tears in my eye."


Some lucky people out there seem to already have a person who would do this for them. One person shared that "my husband would 100% do this for me. He does it playing around now (but he actually tries hard) it's cute and funny to me and he's not bad."


Do you think your partner would do your makeup for you if you lost your vision?

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