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Seniors are Befriending Hens Because Their Families Aren't Visiting

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David Charlton/Equal Arts

For some lonely seniors, they have come to make poultry their new best friend.

While this isn't the first time elders have taken to animals as a form of comfort, a group of residents at a dementia care center have found companionship with a group of hens.

Back in 2012, an elderly man constantly told the center's staff he missed his "girls." Unsure of what he meant, they would eventually realize the senior was referring to the hens he raised years ago.

According to ecorazzi, the nurses wanted to fulfill his wish, so they asked asked Douglas Hunter, the director of Equal Arts - a charity that provides creative projects for seniors - if he could provide the residence with a couple of chickens.

"Our main reservation was whether the staff would be annoyed by them, and wouldn’t have time to look after them," Hunter said.

Despite being weary, Equal Arts decided to purchase six hens and a secondhand hen house.

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