Seven Things Men Find Most Attractive in Women

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Seven Things Men Find Most Attractive in Women

Your first instinct might say physical beauty is what matters the most, but I beg to differ. The physical beauty does catch attention, but it doesn’t necessarily make some like you. Besides, you should also understand the difference between finding someone hot and finding someone attractive. The first triggers lust and the latter is powered by love. There is no man on Earth that would say Megan Fox is not hot. However, they would prefer a woman with the following qualities that make them a lot more attractive to men. It is not just about the body. Your personality and some little traits make a big difference. Here are seven qualities you need to develop that men find most attractive in women.

A Sense of Humor

Every man thinks he could be a standup comedian, but not all of them have it takes. Men still have a lot better sense of humor compared to women. It is a rare quality found in women and men dig it. You automatically become a hundred times more attractive with good humor. They understand that a great body would last only a few years, but the humor is for life. This is why men would choose a funnier girl over a prettier girl when they are looking for long term partner.

You have to do many more things with your partner than just sex. And after all physical fun, you need to able to talk with your partner. This is not a compromise one can make his entire life. Some naturally have that humor and some have to work hard for it. You should know that you can develop this sense with some practice and get good at it over time. However, try not to crack a joke when you are unsure if it would work or not.

A Gentle Smile

A smile doesn’t hurt anybody and costs you nothing. Keep spreading smiles to make other people’s day. You will also get many smiles in return that would make your day better too. However, also avoid smiles that could give off the wrong vibe to the wrong people. It is understandable that women usually can’t be polite to strangers for their own safety, but you don’t always have to be on guard.

A smiling woman is a lot more attractive than a woman with a poker face – it’s no secret. Smiling shows that you are kind and kindness is another great trait men love in women. Smile every time you make eye contact with someone and be polite to everyone even if someone doesn’t have good motives. It shows you as a woman who is strong and brave enough to even help other men.

Image by Luidmila Kot from Pixabay

Beautiful Hair

Hair makes all the difference in the world. A good or bad hairstyle could build or destroy a great personality. It doesn’t really matter what length of hair you keep or the hairstyle you choose, what’s important is that they must show some volume and look good on you. Keep changing styles to find the ones that get you most compliments.

It is also difficult for many women to do this as they could have different types of hair. Besides, changing and styling can weaken the hair. That’s why many women opt for wigs. You don’t have to be bald to wear wigs. Each wig has a different style and look to offer, and they are not difficult to maintain like our real hair. Once you have chosen the hairstyle that looks best on you, buy a wig with the right density. Be sure to do your research before making any purchase as good wigs don’t come cheap.

Good Cooking

You must have heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – there weren’t lying. A woman with skills to cook is a complete package. You instantly become the type to bring and spend the rest of the life with as soon you reveal that you can cook. Ever noticed how men are a big fan of good food, they actually enjoy it, and they don’t just eat for nutrition. Take cooking classes and learn this skill. It will help you survive in life and make you more attractive as a person. It’s actually not that difficult and you enjoy the cooking process more than eating it.

Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay

Round Hips

You must have heard the name Kim Kardashian. Do you know what she is famous for? If not, you might want to Google it. To date, she is one of the successful ‘celebrities’ in the United States, and all the credit goes to her incredible hips. This is one quality men can’t resist in a woman. Good round hips are so tempting that men even prefer them over a big chest. You don’t need to have big hips, just make sure you do some exercises to keep it firm and in shape.

Natural and Idealist

Women that are materialist and pretentious are not liked or respected in real men. This generation is smart enough to tell when a girl is trying to be something she is not. It’s not even difficult to differentiate a ‘gold digger’ from the rest. Only the most desperate and fool fall for things like that and even they don’t respect such girls. On the other hand, idealist women who stay cool and natural are considered the best and real woman. Men even go the extra mile to win their hearts.

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Red Lips

The only makeup women need to wear is some red lipstick – that also not too bright. Wear mild lipstick and use lip gloss to make your lips stand out. Lips are the second thing men notice after eyes, and they find red lips attractive like blue eyes – though not as much. There have been studies to prove that men like red lipstick more than any other color, and it is also associated with excitement. On the other hand, you should also avoid dark shades of lipstick.  s

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