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What The Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality


We all may be human, sharing 99.9% of the same DNA, and yet we still look different.

That being said, we do share a lot of similar features - like our nose shape.

Whatever your nose shape may be, there are many celebrities who have them too! You know what that means? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here are the 10 most common nose shapes in the world. Let us know, which one are you?

1. Roman Nose

Sophia Coppala and Mark Zuckerberg Houston Chronicle / Google Sites

This nose got its name from ancient Roman sculptures. It's marked by a small bump about halfway down the ridge.

This nose shape is quite common, and famous faces like Sophia Coppola and Mark Zuckerberg have it.

The Roman nose belongs to those who like to exert influence on others. You see yourself as a compassionate leader, and someone who is able to make the world a better place.

2. Nubian Nose

Barack Obama and BeyonceKnowfacts / The Mercury News

Many famous and gorgeous faces have the nubian nose, like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Barack Obama.

It's also the most common nose in the world, mostly belonging to those of African and East Asian descent.

It's marked by its short length and wide width.

People who have this nose shape are extremely creative and passionate. Their charismatic nature draws people towards them, and it's super easy to become friends with them.

3. Turned-Up Nose

Victoria Beckham and Emma StoneRefinery29 / Celebie

This nose, which curves up at the tip, is one of the most desirable nose shapes in the world, belonging to celebrities like Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, and Victoria Beckham.

Even Michael Jackson underwent rhinoplasty to get a nose like this, but it didn't quite come out the way he had expected.

According to Israeli professor Abraham Tamir, about 13% of people share the upturned nose.

This nose belongs to those who are optimistic and friendly. People like your bubbly nature, and when the going gets tough, they can always trust you.

4. Greek Nose

Gisele B√≠¬ľndchen and Emma WatsonOdyssey / Popular Haircuts

The Greek nose, also known as the straight nose, is long, narrow, and free of bumps.

This is another nose that is popular among people who want to get rhinoplasty. Many famous celebrities and supermodels have the Greek nose.

This nose belongs to those who are hardworking and ambitious. Their strong-hearted nature allows them to achieve their goals, even if the road to get there is bumpy.

According to Tamir, only 3% of people share the Greek nose shape.

5. Snub Nose

Scarlett Johansson and Helen MirrenLife & Style / Deadline

This nose is marked by its softer, rounder shape at the the tip, but has a slight upward slope, similar to the upturned nose.

Famous people like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and Helen Mirren have this nose shape, which, according to Tamir's study, accounts for only 5% of the people he surveyed.

People who have a snub nose are very gentle and have a good sense of humor. There's never a dull moment when people are in your presence!

6. Fleshy Nose

Mark Ruffalo and Albert Einstein Wikimedia Commons / ThoughtCo

The fleshy nose is marked by its large, protruding shape. According to Tamir's study, more than 24% of people have this nose, making it the most popular nose shape.

But just because this nose is bulky, it doesn't mean it's unattractive. Famous faces like Mark Ruffalo and Albert Einstein have a fleshy nose, and it nicely suits their face.

People who have this nose are thinkers and love reading books. They spend their whole lives acquiring vast amounts of knowledge.

7. Bumpy Nose

Owen Wilson and Barbara StreisandSydney Morning Herald / Huffington Post

The bumpy nose, which has a prominent curve at the tip and appears bumpier than the Roman nose, is quite common.

Many people who are born with this nose dream about going under the knife to better mold its shape, but many good looking celebrities sport this nose.

People who have this nose shape tend to be very doubtful. Their motto might as well be, "I have to see it to be believe it."

8. Nixon Nose

Richard Nixon. Zwivel

The Nixon nose is truly one of a kind, marked by its straight, long bridge.

According to Tamir's study, less than 1% of the population has this nose.

If you've got this rare nose, you're known for being quick on you feet. You're also not one to take no for an answer, unless you know it's the only right way to go.

9. Bulbous Nose

Bill Clinton and Leo McKernGoogle Sites / ZetaBoards

Here's another rare nose! The bulbous nose is marked by its large, rounded tip.

These noses have gotten a bad rap, becoming super exaggerated in cartoons to look silly, but it's actually a very well respected nose, belonging to famous people like Bill Clinton and Australian actor Leo McKern.

People who have this nose shape are known to be very wise. People love to spend time with you and listen to you speak.

10. Hawk Nose

Sarah Jessica Parker and Adrien BrodyBustle / Odyssey

The hawk nose is marked by its curved bridge that resembles a beak.

Famous face like Sarah Jessica Parker and Adrien Brody sport this nose.

People who have this nose shape are intelligent and observant. You find it hard to get along with most people and are very particular about who you spend your time with.

What's your nose shape? Share your number in the comment section!

[H/T: Zwivel]

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