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She Heard Cries In The Stairwell And Thought It Was A Cat, Instead Found A Baby

Animals prove to be the best thing on this earth time and time again. This cat just did something so incredible that everyone is calling her a hero and she has totally earned it.

Masha is stray cat who tends to hang around a certain block of apartments in Russia. She doesn't have a specific home, but her friendly nature has earned her the love of many residents who gave her the name Masha.

On a particularly chilly January morning a 65-year-old woman named Madeschda Machikowa heard a strange noise coming from the staircase and she was shocked at what she found. She thought it was Masha in pain so she rushed down to see if she was okay. When she found the cat she realized she was guarding a baby in a cardboard box.

Even after Machikowa called the ambulance, Masha refused to leave the baby's side. The cat even followed the ambulance while it drove away, all the way to the hospital.

The authorities are looking for the baby's parents now, but if it wasn't for Masha this story could have had a very sad ending. Masha is now thought of as a hero in the apartment complex! Everyone makes sure to give her lots of treats to thank her for protecting the baby from the cold.