She lost her vision, but he didn't lose hope. Now Easter is better for blind kids everywhere

He's a bomb disposal expert, but what he did for his blind daughter has kids everywhere having a blast.

David Hyche's daughter lost her vision at only four-months-old. She grew up never really realizing what she lost, but Hyche was determined to let her take part in everything she wanted to.

When Easter rolled around she heard about Easter egg hunts, so Hyche got to work. As a bomb disposal technician he knew exactly what to do.

Daily Mail

"It's just a battery, a beeper and a switch...pretty simple."

Well his simple trick changed lives.

He made the world's first beeping Easter egg and that let children like his daughter hunt right along side other children.

"One of her first phrases was 'I do it myself,'" said Hyche. And now she can.

He knows the value of independence and has since passed his idea along to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. They used the idea and held a big Easter egg hunt for blind children in Birmingham.

Surrounded by giggling toddlers a beaming Tamara Harrison spoke with The Daily Mail. She's with the Alabama Institute that put together the hunt.


"We love to give the opportunity for our children with disabilities and their families to come out and have the same opportunity as everybody else."

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