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She Rescued Her Dog, But He Also Rescued Her

When Amanda Tromp rescued a chubby little Siberian husky puppy named Kygo, she had no idea he would turn around and rescue her too.

When Amanda met Kygo she was in a relationship with a man she had met in high school. She had found him "charming and sweet" at first, but that changed quickly. He became extremely controlling, demanding to know where she was 24/7 and even harassing her when she went to work.

This isolated her from her friends and family, which only made things worse because she had no one else to turn to. Throughout this awful situation, Amanda had to depend on Kygo for the strength to change her life.

Goldilocks and the Wolf

Amanda's boyfriend began to verbally abuse her over the smallest things.

““He would insult me anytime he was upset, or jealous,” she told WSB-TV.  “Calling me fat, ugly, stupid and a variety of profanities I am uncomfortable sharing here."

Goldilocks and the Wolf

As if this wasn't bad enough, things got even worse. Amanda's boyfriend started hitting her. She decided that enough was enough and managed to escape the relationship, later thanking Kygo for giving her the support she needed.

Just like she had looked after Kygo when he was a puppy who needed a home, he was always looking after her.

Now, Amanda is a successful photographer. On her Instagram account Goldilocks and the Wolf (Goldilocks is her nickname, Kygo is the "wolf") 261,000 people follow her to see her stunning photos.

She's also sharing her harrowing story with her followers in the hopes that somebody can draw strength from it, the way she did with Kygo.

“You aren't a coward for not being able to leave,” she tells other women. “You are a victim in something that society does not understand and turns a blind eye to because they don't want to accept it as a problem.”

Goldilocks and the Wolf

Thankfully, our pets will always understand our troubles and give us the love we deserve.

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