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She Saved A Sick Cat's Life, And Since Then He's Paid Her Back Dozens Of Times

When Benny was a kitten he depended on veterinary technician Ellen Carozza to save his life. Abandoned and alone, he had caught parasites and a nasty respiratory infection.

It took a lot of love and affection to save Benny's life, and ever since he's been paying Ellen back for her kindness. Throughout the years she's brought more sick and injured kittens into her home, and Benny, their "foster dad," has looked after them all.

While some cats are territorial, Benny seems happiest when he has other pets around to look after. She says he'll even stick his head into their carriers as soon as she brings them through the door.

Ellen Carozza

"He always made friends and showed the younger groups, that came in, the ropes and played and socialized with them," Carozza told Love Meow, "so he grew up in it."

"I'd like to think he is giving back what we gave him. A chance for a good life."

Ellen Carozza

Benny even has a signature move, a head pat called the "Benny Blessing," that he uses to reassure the kittens he looks after.

Ellen Carozza

Ellen Carozza

Often, the people who had the worst luck in life are the first to help others. Benny had a bad start, but managed to bounce back with Ellen's help, and it seems like his purpose is helping other cats do the same thing.

Ellen Carozza

Whether this is just a very friendly cat or something truly special, it's a good thing Ellen saved this amazing cat's life.

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