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She Saves An Orphaned Calico From The Dumpster, Then He Surprises Her With How Special He Truly Is

When this woman heard faint meows coming from a dumpster, she immediately began the frantic search to find what surely was a helpless kitten.

What she found was a shocking sight indeed: barely one week old, a tiny calico kitten was crying out for his mom. She carefully picked up the little baby, noting that he had a badly broken leg and a badly damaged paw.

In her post about his rescue, imgur user Vodkaholy tells readers that she brought him straight home for round-the-clock-care. Unfortunately, his badly injured paw fell off before the kitten even opened his eyes, but he was a little fighter who bounced back and put on weight.

Even though he now had three paws, there was something even more unique about the little kitten she named Martyr: this calico was a boy!

According to the vet, for every 3,000 calico cats, about one is born a boy - that's .03 percent!

Since he is a calico, he was born sterile, but that doesn't matter to him!

As soon as he was strong enough, his broken leg was fixed and he was well on his way to a full recovery!


Wow! What a handsome boy! He's so lucky to have found his forever home with such a loving mama.

Read more about him here: imgur/Vodkaholy

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[Source: LoveMeow]