She Saw A Note On Her Dad's Door And Knew Something Was Wrong - But She Wasn't Prepared For This

Melanie Agnew Simpson stopped by her father's house one fine spring day. She was used to visiting 75-year-old John Douglas Agnew and didn't bother phoning ahead to make sure he was home. When she got to the door she saw something strange.

A handwritten note on the door told visitors to go away:

"Not feeling well. Do not knock. Do not ring the doorbell."


That alone would have been strange, but what gave Simpson chills was a detail anyone else would have missed. That was not her father's handwriting.

Simpson tried the door anyway and found it locked. There was no answer when she knocked. Uneasy, she went home to try calling her dad. When he still didn't answer, she made a plan.

The next day she returned to her dad's house with a private locksmith.

According to police documents the locksmith entered the house and immediately noticed a big pool of blood on the kitchen floor. That's when the police were called.

Timberline Drive

Officers searched the house and made a disturbing find.

A black duffel bag with human body parts was found on the floor of the kitchen. Inside were the arms, legs and head of Agnew. Upstairs police found the upper torso, wrapped in a transparent shower curtain.

After executing a search warrant they also found a hacksaw covered in blood and hair, apparently used to dismember the body. A safe normally kept upstairs was also found in the kitchen, with apparent signs of tampering.


Fingerprints led to the arrest of 31-year-old Adrion Whorley. At the time of arrest Whorley was a known acquaintence of Agnew. A subsequent investigation revealed that the pair may have had a relationship dating back to 2001.

Whorley is in custody and faces charges of murder and concealment of death.

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