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She Saw An Alligator In Her Backyard, Then Realized All The Babies Following Along

How often do you really see an alligator on your lawn? How about 17 alligators? Probably not that often right? Well, Sharon Whiting shared a video that she took of her backyard that looks like it is a tiny low-budget version of Jurassic Park.

16 baby alligators are seen stomping across her yard, all the while the big mama is looking on. They are in the process of moving between ponds but because they were on a golf course it took quite some time.

Whiting said that “She went back and forth all day until they were all in the big pond. “It took her all day because she had to move them between golfers.”

Could you imagine going out for a nice round of golf when you see a bunch of tiny alligators roaming around? It would freak me right out!

The mom was watching the whole time, making sure no one got left behind. Whiting suspects that they were born in a smaller pond that has dried up a bit since February so they probably needed some more space.

Even though alligators look scary, it's nice to know they are still sweet moms who just want their babies to be safe!

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