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When She Revealed Her Deepest Insecurity, His Reaction Moved Her To Tears

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We all know how nerve wrecking a first date can be - especially when it's a blind date. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and show up as our ideal selves.

From deciding what to wear to how we style our hair we put thought into every detail. First impressions certainly do count, but how much would you reveal about yourself on a first date?

Contestants on the British reality show First Dates are paired-up for a dinner date at a restaurant filled with singles and 40 remote-controlled cameras.

Although many of the first meetings are sweet, there was something incredible about what happened between Eve Betts and Jordan.

Eve Betts is a beauty therapist who gets paired up with Jordan, a teaching assistant.

First Dates

The dinner starts off casually enough. Like most people, Eve and Jordan present themselves as authentic and honest, but what happens between them went beyond pleasantries.

After Jordan reveals that he used to have a topknot, Eve makes an incredible decision to reveal a secret that makes her very vulnerable...

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