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Woman Finds A Tiny Kitten, Freezing And Alone, But Stops At Nothing To Help Him Survive

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A young couple had been sitting at home on a rainy day, when they noticed a small sound and a rustle in the grass.

Not certain what would emerge, Rachael called out to the creature as it approached them. Out from the wet grass emerged a tiny tuxedo kitten - completely drenched from the rain and shivering cold.

She picked the little baby up and immediately pressed him to her skin. They looked around, but saw no mother cat nearby, so they brought him into the house to get warm and dry.

"My boyfriend immediately fell in love and said "I need this animal." And he certainly seemed to need us!" says Rachael.

Although the couple was able to warm the little one up, he quickly became hypoglycemic from malnourishment. They rushed the baby to the nearest emergency animal hospital and sought immediate treatment.

Find out how the kitten survived and what they named him on the next page!

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