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The Metal They Found In Her Stomach Is From Something We All Had In High School

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When a 30-year-old woman walked into a hospital complaining of stomach pains, doctors examined her for all of the typical causes one might expect: ulcer, irritable bowl syndrome, hernia, or gallstones.

But their tests found none of the normal causes.

One of her doctors reported that her heart rate was faster than normal and the lining of her abdominal wall was inflamed.

But after further investigation, her vital signs, laboratory tests, ultrasound and the scans of her liver, gallbladder and bile ducts were all normal

When they asked her if she had recently undergone a surgery, the unnamed woman replied "no." This eliminated the possibility that a surgeon accidentally left behind a foreign object, but, after looking at a CT scan, doctors realized that something metallic was definitely in there.

When they removed the object, they couldn't believe what it was. Find out for yourself on the next page!

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