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She Trusted A Friend To Get Her Cat Groomed. That Was A Mistake.

Communication is key. It doesn't matter what is being communicated, make sure it's clear.

Know one knows this better than Xie Qian Qian, who owns a long-haired Persian cat named Jin Jin. Qian has Jin Jin's coat shaved down once in a while to help him keep cool around the house. He usually comes back with a lion-esque cut, with the fur on his head and tail pretty much untouched.

This is what he usually looks like after the groomers:

The Dodo

This time around, Qian was too busy to bring Jin Jin to the groomer herself, so she asked a friend to drop him off. But there was some miscommunication in regards to just exactly what style Jin Jin was to receive.

When Qian went to pick her cat up, she was stunned...and rightfully so.

“I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. I can’t be blamed for it,” she said.

The Dodo

It seems the words "face" and "head" were miscommunicated here. As in: "only leave hair on his face," instead of "only leave hair on his head."

The Dodo

Qian says she did find the whole thing humorous after getting over the shock of it, but it took her husband longer to warm up to the 'cat mask' Jin Jin seemed to be wearing.

As for the Jin Jin, he didn't seem to care at all! Luckily, his hair is growing back in and he will be back to his normal, fluffy self in no time.

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