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She Was Kicked So Hard It Broke Her Back, But They Didn't Break Her Spirit

Puppies born in a puppy mills start their lives in the worst possible conditions. It's overcrowded, unsanitary and no one seems to care about their well-being.

Butterfly was one of these puppies. An English Bulldog born in a bad condition, but she was saved by a rescue group who was doing everything they could do for the sweet girl who needed a lot of help.

Jane Wickler first saw Butterfly online and fell in love. She knew that Butterfly was paralyzed and incontinent, but she still wanted to give her a home.

"The were unable to put her up for adoption until they had a wheelchair for her," Jane said, "So I paid for the wheelchair and went down and got her."

When Jane arrived at the Tennessee shelter to meet her new friend she was excited to see how cheerful and sweet Butterfly was. She was even more surprised when she put her in the brand new wheelchair she got her and Butterfly took to it faster than expected.

"She was just a maniac that first day. The wheelchair company had said 'put her in for 10 minutes at a time and teach her to go forward' but that first night, she was spinning wheelies! She didn't need to learn how to use it," Jane said.

When Jane got her home she brought her to the vet to see if she could figure out how Butterfly became paralyzed. X-rays revealed something truly horrific.

"It actually looks like she was sitting like a dog sits and somebody came up behind her and kicker her with such forced they jammed all her vertebrae up," Jane recalled, "There is one break in the vertebrae, down at the bottom, where it is completely broken, down at the bottom of her spine. Otherwise, at the top of her spine, the vertebrae are all jammed together."

Her back leg had also been broken and never healed properly causing her to sit strangely. Her stomach is not dislodged from its natural location.

Butterfly isn't letting any of this get to her. She has found a new home, a family who loves her, and even started her very first job! Her owner works at Petsmart and was able to hook her up with a very special "greeter" position. She sits right at the front door and gets to welcome each and every person who walks in.  

"Butterfly is a happy, loving girl. She is just such a bundle of joy," Jane said of her best friend.

Good job Butterfly! Keep up the fine work!