Woman Can't Stop Laughing When This Horse Grabs Her Zipper [Video]

Animals, it turns out, are just like us. We like to think that they're just dumb creatures who only eat and sleep all day, but they're really very clever, and can figure out some complicated stuff.

Take this horse from Randolph, New Jersey for instance. In the past we've seen chickens that play instruments and raccoons who love board games, but this fashion-obsessed animal deserves some recognition too.

You may think he's invading this woman's personal space at the start of this video, but stay tuned to the end and watch how smart he is.

It turns out horses just really love zippers. This isn't an isolated incident either! No wonder people love these beautiful animals so much, they're much smarter than we give them credit for.

Maybe somebody should buy this horse his own sweater, then he could keep himself entertained all day zipping it up and down.

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