She Went To The Police, But They Fined Her For Making It Up - 6 Months Later She Was Murdered

When we're in trouble we go to the police for help, but what do we do when the police won't help? Shana Grice had her throat slashed by her ex-boyfriend, 6 months after the police fined her for "wasting their time".

In February of 2016 Grice told East Sussex police that her ex-boyfriend, Michael Lane, was stalking her and her new beau. She said Lane was leaving her unwanted flowers, hiding outside her house and left notes on her boyfriend's car.

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A month after that Grice again went to the police, saying Lane assaulted her. He denied the charges and showed the cops text messages between the two. At that point Grice was charged with "having caused a wasteful employment of police by making a false report" and was fined.

It was a mistake the department would tragically come to regret.

Later that year Lane broke into Grice's home to watch her sleep. She reported that to police, as well as numerous phone calls harassing her. Lane was cautioned against this behavior, but reports show the police labelled him as "low-risk".

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Not long after these events Grice was found dead in her bedroom, throat slashed and in her nightgown.

Lane admits he lied to police, admits he was in her bedroom the night she died and confesses to throwing away the clothes her wore that night. Despite all this he still maintains his innocence.

The trial continues and hopefully the courts will be able to give Shana Grice the justice that the police officers did not.

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