Shop Owner Hears Squawking Coming From Trees, But It's Not Birds

When Henry McGauley heard squawking from a tree in his backyard, he thought nothing of it. Birds live in trees, so that makes sense.

But as the squawking continued, he noticed there was something off about it.

"Henry had heard squawking in the morning, and he didn't know what it was, so he went up the ladder to investigate," Henry's wife, Fiona McGauley, said.

Up in the tree, Henry found a pigeon's nest. But inside? Definitely not pigeons.

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Henry found four newborn kittens, plus a Mama cat.

"Their eyes aren't even open," Fiona said. "We left them there because there's not much you can do because they have to be at least six weeks old before they can be taken from their mother."

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"It turned out we knew the cat," she said. "We'd always used to see her by the alleyway. She was pregnant, and she disappeared a few times. In a couple of weeks, the mom will probably bring the kittens to the back door for feeding. When they're older, we'll take them in, get them tamed and find permanent homes for them."

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Henry and Fiona own a shop in Ireland, and all their customers are excited for when the kittens are available to adopt!

Have you ever heard of a cat giving birth in a tree?

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