Why So Many People Insist On Wearing Shorts In Winter


The weather is getting a lot colder, which means most people are bundling up and trying to find ways to stay warm. Most.

Every winter there always seems to be a large amount of people that insist they can wear shorts regardless of the temperature outside.

"My legs don't get cold," they'll say. "I have natural insulation," they'll say.

I hear this way too much and generally roll my eyes. I don't speak up because what someone wants to wear is their business and unless they're showing me their business, I don't care.

I'm not the only one to make this observation, and Today ran a segment about if it's okay to let your children dress in shorts all winter long.

Children make horrible decisions (Source: my childhood) and if I was a parent I'd feel most comfortable with my child dressed in bubble wrap. Youths, at least, have an excuse. They don't know any better. Shorts are admittedly very comfortable and you don't really notice the cold on your legs unless you're out for a long period of time.

Adult males don't have that same excuse. When I was googling the question about if you can wear shorts in winter, I found a bizarre number of posts of men vehemently defending their right to frostbite.

I say that because that's exactly what they're risking. It's not just a fashion choice or exercising their free will. They are putting their flesh at stake.

When winter is at its worst, frostbite can occur in just five minutes. With a little bit of moisture (and there's lot of that around during winter) you can get frostbite or hypothermia in relatively warm-feeling conditions.

I come from a very cold part of the world and I will readily admit that when I was younger, being "resistant to cold" was a status symbol. Unfortunately it was also bullcrap. I was cold, I just made decisions that would keep me that way.

Shorts are also one of the most comfortable things a man can wear. They're breathable, flexible and basically as little clothing as you can wear without a criminal record. Pants are restrictive, stifling and, when a building has its thermostat up too high, sweltering.

So it seems like the three main reasons for wearing shorts in the winter are:

  • childish stupidity
  • tough guy complex
  • shorts are just that great

Whatever the reason, if you know a man wearing shorts this winter, tell him to cut it out!

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