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10 Mistakes We All Make When Taking A Shower That Are Harming Our Bodies

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The skin is the largest organ of your body, so you'd better take extra care of it.

Most of us shower on a daily basis, so we'd hate to learn that after all these decades of washing ourselves we've been doing it wrong.

If you suffer from any skin conditions like eczema, dry, itchy, or red skin, it may stem from your showering habits.

Here are 10 mistakes we all make when taking a shower that's actually harming our bodies.

1. Using too much body wash

We all want to smell like our favorite body wash, but in doing so we're harming the natural protective oil layer on our skin. Experts suggest washing your body thoroughly only once a week.

2.  Blasting hot water

Hot water makes your skin defenseless. It removes your natural skin oils and leaves your skin red, dry, and flaky. It may feel soothing at first, but as your blood flow increases, your skin is at risk of inflammation and rashes.

3. Overly drying once you step out

The key is to leave your body moist, then after you step out the shower you should moisturize your skin to prevent wrinkles and to keep it looking soft and healthy. Make sure you don't wait too long to moisturize your body!

4. Showering for too long

Once you're in a warm shower, it's hard to convince yourself to leave. The optimal duration of a shower is said to be 10 minutes, anything longer will dry out your skin, which may result in that itchy sensation you feel soon after.

5. Washing your hair daily

If you wash your hair every single day, you're really doing yourself a disservice. Health professionals recommend washing your hair twice a week in order to achieve moisture balance. That being said, the coarser and thicker hair you have, the less you need to wash it.

These next ones are some of the most common showering mistakes.

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