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Siberian Husky Gently Nurses Tiny Kitten Back To Life

When they introduced Lilo the Siberian Husky to a lethargic kitten, they didn't think the baby would survive the night.

One year ago, Lilo's family brought a lethargic and unresponsive kitten to their gentle pup - hoping that the cuddle time might help. Their instincts were right, because almost as soon as the kitten was put down, Lilo leapt into action.

The beautiful tan and white Husky had never been a mother, but she knew exactly what to do. She went into surrogate mode - letting little Rosie suckle and helping her to poop!

The two formed an immediate bond and Rosie grew stronger every day!

And she did everything with her Husky siblings!

And then, one year later, she adopted her own babies!

9 abandoned kittens now call Rosie their mama!

Way to pay it forward, Rosie!

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