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6 Ways Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You They Are Sick That You Have Been Ignoring

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When my cat got sick, it was one of the worst feelings. Not knowing if I could have prevented it, not knowing how to spot the signs, I felt guilty.

Now in the case of my cat, there was no way we could have known she was sick before it was really noticeable. But that doesn't mean there aren't signs everyone should be aware of.

These are some of the most common signs your cat could be sick.

Meg K.

1. Weight Changes

Weight change in cats is not common. Generally, if a cat is changing weight it signifies illness, this according to Dr. India Lane at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Weight change doesn't mean weight LOSS, either. Gaining weight means your cat is eating excess food, which could also be a problem. Keep an eye out for a hanging belly, which signifies an overweight cat. If you can feel bones that you previously couldn't it could mean your cat is losing weight.

Both of these are signs that your cat could be ill, and should be monitored.

2. Messy Coat

Cats are notoriously clean animals. If you notice your cat's coat is looking clumpy or otherwise unruly, it could be cause for concern. Cats will raise the fur of their coats when they're nervous, so if you notice this it could signify some type of stressor in your cat's life.

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